Monday, February 2, 2009

Just checking in...

Hello, hello.

A quick note here to say I'm currently still researching and writing about DIY theatrical distribution, direct sales of DVDs from filmmakers' websites, and indie/art house cinemas across the country in my business plan for Lost In Sunshine.

I'm also working on an application for a producing program at the Sundance Institute, which is due very shortly.

I promise to write many posts about what I've put into our plan for LIS, as soon as I FINISH it. Agh. Agghhh!

I told my husband tonight that it takes so long, because I'm trying to plan out the whole lifespan of the film, refer to hard data where I can, articulate assumptions and projections as clearly as I can, and oh, figure out how to execute on an emerging indie film distribution paradigm while I'm at it. No big thing.

No time for links at the moment, but Google the following:

Stu Pollard

Good Dick, the indie movie, as well as Lance Hammer's Ballast

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