Monday, February 16, 2009

Lost In Sunshine production blog

Jentri Chancey is the writer/director of Lost In Sunshine, the movie I'm currently producing. Just click on the title of this posting to go to her production blog, where she writes about her creative process, pre-production, and directing her first feature.

Also, here's an excerpt from one of the essay questions I answered in applying for a Creative Producing fellowship offered by the Sundance Institute:

I came on board to produce this project because I admire and respect the talent and determination of its writer-director, Jentri Chancey. Jentri impressed me with her ability to take script feedback and turn it into better-defined characters, a more compelling structure, and a more uniform tone. And, she was quick and focused about it, too! I like the themes she’s working with, and she’s so fueled by an inner creative fire, that it’s infectious. She’s really trying to articulate something meaningful and universal with her characters and their journeys, and that resonates very strongly with me.

My vision of the film is for it to be a tight little drum of an art house indie by a first-time filmmaker. It will be made with the lowest budget that can afford name actors for our two lead roles, one supporting role, and a cameo. It will aspire to Terry Malick’s cinematic vision, Rick Linklater’s characters’ searches for meaning, and Robert Rodriguez’ (and Elizabeth Avellan’s) DIY-and-kick-some-ass-at-it production methods.

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