Sunday, June 29, 2008

Indie Film & The Edge of Doom

Been reading a lot the last ten days about the demise of independent film.

Check out these links.

Indie Film Is Dying - Unless It Isn't

Yes, The Sky Really Is Falling

Art Houses Are Empty - But, It's Summer

Indie Sector on Shaky Ground

I agree with Dylan Leiner of Sony Pictures Classics who said that the end of indie film is pronounced about every 17 years -- yet, it survives. But, the current teeth-gnashing in the indie film industry is something to track, to be aware of, because when it comes time to raise money for your indie film, you'd better have an idea what you'll be up against.

Finally, here is an article about Paul Mezey, an indie creative producer on the East Coast.

The New American Realism

I like this article a lot, because I think he's representative of what indie producers can be. He's talented, determined, and charismatic, but he's in the same spot we all are: recreating the wheel with every project. Yet, he has to keep doing what he does, because he loves it (that's my interpretation, at least).

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